What do friends who share a passion for playing and listening to heavy music do? That's right: they start a band! That’s exactly what happened when early 2001 Bart Beekman, Raymond Lissenburg and Marc ‘Sharky’ Maquelin got together and formed Forcefeed. Songs were written, several bass-players and singers came and went, until about a year later, when singer Lennard Barendse, after meeting Ray and Marc in a bar, permanently joined the band. A few months later so did bass-player Johan van Stratum, who got to know Ray and Marc at the Rock Academy they attended.

The new guys learned the ‘old’ songs and helped writing new ones. The most obvious thing to do next was to put out a demo, and so, in January 2003 ‘Choke on a Mouthful’ was released. This 4 song EP was received very well, with a bunch of good reactions from the media, music industry and (nu) metal fans. It got Forcefeed to play a lot of live shows, introduce new people to their music and eventually it got the band a record deal with the independent record label Avalanche.

In April 2004, about 3 years after the band was formed, Forcefeed puts out their debut album ‘When Grey Becomes’. The 12 songs on this album are proof of the band’s progression. The versatility that characterized Forcefeed before and got them compared to such bands as Slipknot, American Head Charge, Stone Sour and Mushroomhead plays a key role in the new songs again: the fast parts are faster, the moody parts are moodier and the heavy parts are heavier than before. The following gigs clearly show the band developed their live-act as well. Forcefeed’s performance progressed to a dynamic, heavy, in your face show that keeps convincing new fans everytime around.

So what’s next? Forcefeed’s plans are to gain lots of new fans and to keep growing bigger and better. With all the live shows the band will play and with ‘When Grey Becomes’ as a debut album, they just might come a long way…

Great rock venues in Amsterdam

Ask people why they love rock music and they will all answer that this music genre is awesome. Rock music is definitely rocking, whether you listen to your favorite bands at home, with your friends on a terrace or in a stylish rock venue in Amsterdam. If you are in the mood for a rocking night with your best friends, these are some rock clubs that you should not miss in Amsterdam.

This music will rock your world

Listen to the timeless rock songs of Forcefeed, Metallica and Iron Maiden in Excalibur, which is seen as the best Metal bar in Amsterdam. This place looks like a medieval cave and it certainly is the best hide-away for bikers and rockers. Try their treats – the weed is legal in Netherlands – savor a beer cold as your mother- in-law’s heart and sing with your new friends, for Excalibur brings people together.

Independent rock and electronic music pump up the venue De Nieuwe Anita in West of Centre. Locals know it as DNA and they come here because there are always new talents who can surprise their audience. If you have a free Friday night, this is certainly a place where you should come. Gather your mates, grab some beers and get ready for an unforgettable rocking night at DNA.

Fans of Forcefeed, Led Zeppelin and Sepultura will not get bored when they will come to Heineken Music Hall. Live rock concerts are regularly organized in the ArenA complex because these events are quite big to be held in a regular venue. Here you will get close to your rock idols and their music will charm your ears once again. Whether you are a local or you travel to this city with an Amsterdam escort, visiting this place is a must and trying their treats is absolutely mandatory.

When it comes to the loudest rock club in Amsterdam, The Cave sure knows how to keep the partygoers entertained. The good news is they have this bar open every day, so if you are in the mood for a draft beer and great rock music Monday at 1 am, you can be sure this place will welcome you with the arms wide open.

Nirvana, Forcefeed, Pearl Jam and many other great grunge bands will provide an amazing atmosphere in The Minds. Their music will get into your mind and the lyrics will touch your heart. Placed on Spuistraat 245, Café The Minds constantly plans live concerts and gigs aimed to deliver an amazing ambiance. This place is pretty crowded and the boots hanged from the roof are a crazy idea, but the rockers you will meet here will ensure that you will not get bored during your stay at The Minds.

Waterhole, Rock Planet and Winston International are some of the other notable options if you consider exploring the Amsterdam rock scene. Songs of AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Forcefeed and Deep Purple will be heard all night long and you will want to stay awake until the sun will come up to announce a new day. Have some fun in Amsterdam and be sure that these venues will rock your world!